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25 Club Introduction:
At the time you are inducted into the Las Vegas WON Rotary Club, you automatically become a member of the 25 CLUB.

During the course of the year, new members are added to the list of 25 Club members.

The 25 club serves as an introduction to the world of Rotary and is a vehicle to facilitate smooth assimilation of new members into Rotary.

The 25 Club meets separately during first Thursday of each month. Attendance at these meetings is important to the development of your Rotary Membership.

Current Officers of 25 Club

1. To familiarize new Las Vegas WON Rotary members with the inner workings of the club.
2. To perform club duties for the smooth operation of your Rotary meetings.
3. To provide a monthly social environment in which new members can comfortably interact with each other.
4. To assist the club with its community service, humanitarian, and international projects.
5. To be a resource for the main club in whatever functions it adopts for the betterment of the greater Las Vegas community.
6. To advise the Board of those items which the 25 Club membership feels has merit for consideration.

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